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The blog maker is a beta project created by Man Over Machine to make AI more accessible for business to harness to power of AI to save time and money. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the blog maker take over my blog?

yes, that’s the entire point.

Can you cover any subject?

Pretty much yes, as long as it’s not current events, news, or very specific content that is unique to just you. 

Is the content unique?

Yes, it’s written using large language models with generative AI, meaning it’s not repeating the what it knows, it’s generating it. So the same content request asked a dozen times will generate a dozen unique spins on the same request. 

How does it work?

The blog maker uses a series of AI tools that are tasked with each specializing in a certain area, one function creates the content, another creates the image request, another creates a title, etc. This specialization allows each task to operate independently of the other, and each is trained to be an expert at it’s specific task. Then the entire thing runs on top of Zapier which acts like a conductor for your request, and delivers the finished piece of content to your website. 

Is this legal?

Yes, as of October 2023, this is 100% legal and you as the business owner will not get in trouble. It’s not copying and pasting content, instead the large language model that generates the content has been influenced by millions of pieces of content, all this content then plays a part in how it answers. Think of it like this, if I’m a writer and I spend a decade reading every single book in a library, then I go and write a book out of what I have learned over the past decade, it’s not copying what’s there. I was influenced, and I learned from what I read, but as long as I’m not rehashing word for word what I learned, it’s not plagerizing the content. It was influenced by it, and it’s rewriting what it learned in a unique manner. 

What is required for me?

Currently, to get automatically posted content, you must have a website that runs on wordpress, and you will need to have access to your server to allow for specific ports to be open, don’t know what that is? No problem, we can handle it for you. 

Will robots take over the world because of this?

Probably, but it’ll be pretty cool when it happens. 

Are there example sites to review the content?

Yes, you can view examples here. You can also view the two sites we used to perfect this model at and Both of these sites generated 100% of the content you read, see, and hear. All 100% generated by AI. Insane right? 

What is the SEO impact of AI generated content?

At the time of creating this (October 2023) there is a bit of a question mark around how Google plans to evaluate and score AI generated content. They have not provided a firm answer on how they plan on handling it. There are arguments on both sides, and The Blog Maker, at the time we have released the beta is paying very close attention to it. Should Google rule against this for being a tool to help business owners generate content, we will rework how it’s used.